Wallet Pricing
1 Unit = 1 currency unit of the account; e.g 1 ZAR for ZAR accounts; 1 USD for USD accounts etc.


Free when active: Active is 1 Fund/Spend per month.
Dormant accounts: No transactions for 30+ days. Charged 7 Units per month or the remaining balance whichever is the greater.

Wallet Transaction Fees
Min Transaction fee: 2 Units
Max Transaction fee: 150 Units

1.5% (No Transaction fee for spends less than 10 Units)

Bank Cash Deposits: The bank's fee.
VISA/Mastercard (ZAR): 3.5% + 2 Units per transaction
VISA/Mastercard (Other): 2.9% + 2 Units per transaction
Retail Stores: 0.5 – 3% + 7 Units, payment method dependent.
QR and Other Electronic Payments: 2% + 3.5 Units
Netfluid Voucher: Free
OTT Voucher: 6%

EFT: 10 Units
Netfluid Voucher: Free
Store Voucher: Free
Mastercard: 6.5% min fee 2 Units

Co-branded Wallet
Wallet Pricing as above
Setup: 10 000.00 ZAR or 500.00 USD
Monthly: 10 000.00 ZAR or 500.00 USD

Tc & Cs:
Pricing subject to change at any time.
Exchange rates set at value when pruchased and may differ from those trading on the day.